I was very interested to find your web site with Dutch horses of Gelderlander descent who appeared at the 1998 World Equestrian Games.

I am the owner and rider of Elymas included in your list and wondered if you would like a picture of him for your site.

Elymas is an exceptional horse and very much one of a kind.  He is the top Dressage horse in Canada and is the National Grand Prix Champion and National Grand Prix Freestyle Champion, he has scored as high as 71.40% from FEI judges in the Grand Prix and over 80% in the Grand Prix Freestyle.  His other achievements include appearing at the World Equestrian Games in Rome and winning International Competitions (CDI-W's) in America.

I would be interested to know more about the Dutch Gelderlander's.

Kind Regards,
Liz Hopps

(Zie ook http://www.klassickur.com/liz.html)

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