Foto van Amor

Amor was a Gelderlander stallion, imported 3 years old from Holstein by the Sgldt. Amor was awarded with the certificate for agricultural ridinghorse and he became preferent because his good breeding results in the Gelderlander breed. He is the father of the Gelderlander preferent stallion Epigoon, of the Gelderlander keurstallions Eros and Gondelier, of the Groninger stallion Akteur and of many other stallions.
Since founding KWPN (and closing Sgldt and NWP studbooks) the first 10 years only one son was approved and Amor was sold for very, very little money because he was not good enough for the modern KWPN-horsebreeding.
Then became evident that children and especially grandchildren of Amor were very good sporthorses (dressage, showjumping, driving) and many sons were approved again.