Warning for fake Gelderlander horses

The Gelderlander has phantastic qualities as well for international top sports as for recreation. The interest in the Gelderlander is increasing enormously at the moment. Horses with a little or no Gelderlander blood at all in their pedigree are on offer now as real Gelderlanders. The Dutch studbook KWPN is collaborating in this by providing Gelderlander studbookpapers for such horses.
Hackney-blood coming from the Dutch show-harnesshorses has an extremely negative influence on the Gelderlander qualities.
For this reasons:
- Don't trust the qualification "GP" (= Gelderlander horse) in the KWPN studbookpapers. (But see for this the pedigree of the parents/ancestors below in "Alle Paarden").
- Don't buy a Gelderlander with a Hackney in the studbookpaper especially not Cambridge Cole. (Of all stallions with Hackney-blood in the pedigree the 75% Gelderlander show-harnesshorse Fabricius is combining the best with original Gelderlander bloodlines).
On this site you see the pedigrees of all Gelderlander stallions of Sgldt and KWPN and of a
big number Gelderlander mares.
In the page of each horse you see the percentage
Gelderlander (Sgldt) blood. In 1964 for registration as Gelderlander at least 75% Gelderlander blood is
fixed by the original Studbook Gelderlander Type (= Sgldt).

For more information see: www.gelderlanderhorse.nl : Inleiding